Make the Smart Shift to an AI-Driven Supply Chain Planning Software

Transform Integrated Business Planning with Firstshift and AI

AI-driven supply chain planning software accelerates decision-making that drives efficiency, service, and profitability for your business.

Predict, Sense and Respond with Precision

Identify channel-specific trends to improve near-term forecasting by more accurately sensing external demand signals such as point of sale resources like Amazon, Walmart, Kroger and Target, syndicated data, as well as macro-economic indicators like weather, housing starts, etc. Boost short-term forecast accuracy by 30%, increase inventory turns and capture incremental revenue.

Ask Firstshift the questions that matter:

  • Can we leverage external data to increase forecast accuracy?
  • Where should we deploy available inventory?
  • Can we capture incremental revenue?
  • What products are at risk of stockout?
  • Will we meet our channel-specific revenue plan?

Accelerate Insights with AI Automation: Achieve rapid and precise demand sensing with AI-driven automation, selecting the most suitable external demand signals and forecasting model to expedite and enhance forecast accuracy.

Generate granular forecasts effortlessly at product, customer/channel, and location hierarchies, providing unparalleled insights for informed decision-making.

Efficiency Redefined: Get rid of error-prone spreadsheets and embrace automated demand sensing, achieving increased forecast accuracy with 70% less effort.

Market Insights for Rapid Response: Harness external market-driven data, AI, and ML to swiftly analyze customer, channel, and product needs, making quick responses to market dynamics.

Embrace External Signals: Integrate external factors, automating demand sensing by incorporating market trends, POS data, and syndicated data.

Collaborative Planning for Consensus: Gain rapid insight and consensus among teams for promotions, new product introductions, and channel expansion, ensuring a unified approach to decision-making.

Unlock Growth, Optimize Resources: Transform your supply chain with AI-driven Demand Sensing, deploying constrained inventory, reducing excess, and optimizing resource allocation for growth and efficiency.



Predict, Sense, and Shape the Future

Forecast customer needs, sense market signals faster, and achieve a consensus demand plan with simplified collaboration.

When it comes to demand planning, Firstshift is your trusted partner. Leave the time-consuming work to us while you bring your business expertise to the table.

“Firstshift is a game-changer, enabling us to shorten the time spent on finding answers and allocating more time towards implementing strategies, executing optimal decisions, and delivering an exceptional customer experience.”

-Vice PresidentSupply Chain Consumer Goods Company

Automate to Accelerate: Our platform utilizes machine learning to automate the selection of the most suitable forecasting model from our extensive library, enabling faster and more accurate predictions.

Gain Precision: With the ability to generate forecasts at various levels of granularity, including product, customer, and location hierarchies, you can achieve greater precision and insightful trend analysis, empowering more informed decision-making.

Boost Accuracy with Less Effort: Say goodbye to error-prone spreadsheets and embrace a smarter way to plan. Quickly achieve increased forecast accuracy in demand planning with reduced effort and greater efficiency.

Uncover New Insights: Rapidly analyze customer, channel, and product needs while considering demand variability, profit targets, and time-phased response. Gain valuable insights to drive strategic decision-making and identify growth opportunities.

Harness External Signals: Seamlessly incorporate external influences such as market trends, Point of Sale (POS) data, and syndicated data, alongside your enterprise data to optimize demand forecasting for each item in your portfolio.

Collaborate with Ease: Foster collaboration between sales, marketing, and product innovation teams to more effectively plan for promotions, new product introductions, channel expansion, and demand consensus.

Automate Profitable Inventory Policies

Not all products have the same impact on your business. So, why settle for a one-size-fits-all inventory policy across your portfolio? We understand that inventory is a strategic investment which is why Firstshift helps you tailor your inventory policies and optimize your inventory management strategy to deliver on your service and profitability goals.

“We cannot grow our business by planning in spreadsheets.

Firstshift plans faster, leverages better science, and produces a feasible supply chain plan with less effort, greater accuracy, and less risk.”

-Vice President of Operations

Growing Durable Goods Company

Gain Precision: Firstshift evaluates your product portfolio and applies precise inventory policies by item or product group at each storage location, ensuring optimal inventory investments to achieve desired customer service goals.

Optimize Inventory: Incorporate crucial By considering factors like lot sizes, economic order quantities, vendor minimums, customer service goals, lead times, seasonality, and supplier reliability, Firstshift helps you optimize inventory at the right place, right time, and right quantity, minimizing excess stock and maximizing profitability.

Focus on What Matters: Utilize our powerful segmentation capabilities to automatically classify products, customers, and locations based on volume, revenue, or margin, enabling you to prioritize high-impact opportunities and automate management for the rest of the portfolio.

Free Up Working Capital: With AI-driven planning, efficiently manage inventory complexity while ensuring excellent customer service, allowing you to optimize working capital allocation and drive financial performance.

Gain Insights and Visually Understand Constraints

Unleash the power of visualization for optimized supply chain management

Gain a holistic view of your supply chain with our supply chain planning software. Make more informed decisions that drive efficiency, service, and profitability. With the Firstshift supply chain planning software, or your digital twin, you can quickly grasp network constraints, respond rapidly to disruptions, and explore alternative supply or distribution channels to achieve your business goals.

“Firstshift enables us to make better decisions with less effort and greater confidence.”

-Chief Information Officer

Leading Food Company

Visualize the Network: Our platform automatically generates a dynamic representation of your supply chain network, providing a visual insight into your global operations. Through this digital twin, you can diagnose issues, generate multiple scenarios, and optimize product flow, inventory investments, and customer service goals for enhanced supply chain performance.

Reduce Risks: Gain valuable insights on supplier performance, reliability, schedule adherence, quality, and on-time delivery to reduce risks, gain new insights, and make more informed decisions.

supply chain planning software screenshot

Collaborate with Ease: Respond quickly to supply chain disruptions and foster stronger supplier relationships with clear performance metrics, collaborative planning insights, and greater visibility.

Evaluate Multiple Scenarios: Run simulations to assess the impact of multiple scenarios, enabling you to make data-driven decisions while considering network in production, resource availability, distribution, and more.

Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) – Stop Fighting Fires and Start Preventing Them

Achieve Synchronized Planning and Cross-Functional Alignment for Business Success

Stop fighting fires and start preventing them with Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) from Firstshift. You will visualize, evaluate, implement, and accelerate your S&OP efforts with ease.

“What took us weeks to do in the past, we accomplish in a matter of minutes with Firstshift. And, we get a more accurate plan.”

-Vice President of Operations

Durable Goods Company

Gain New Insights: Drive company-wide initiatives and evaluate multiple scenarios for faster, more informed decision-making in both volumetric and financial measures, enabling you to unlock new insights and drive strategic growth.

Accelerate Decision-making: Our platform empowers you to synchronize your planning efforts and reconcile performance across functions, so you can unite your full team around common business goals, ensuring alignment and effective collaboration.

Harness Artificial Intelligence: Leverage the power of machine learning (ML) to continuously enhance your planning process over time.

Monitor Performance: As you accelerate decision-making and align network-wide resources, you can achieve your business key performance indicators (KPIs) with confidence.

Gain Actionable Insights that Drive Better Outcomes

Finally, a planning solution that speaks the language of business. With, you can ask business questions and receive actionable answers quickly.

Actionable Insights: Evaluate multiple business scenarios and gain confidence, enabling you to achieve both volumetric and financial goals effortlessly.

Respond Quickly to Disruptions: Your Integrated Business Plan needs to span strategic, tactical, and operational objectives across your entire business. With Firstshift, you can manage everything on a single planning platform.

Accelerate Decisions: Our solution helps you objectively rank scenarios based on volumetric needs and financial outcomes, ensuring clarity on expansion plans and profitability goals. Additionally, we identify operational risks and alternative resolutions to enable quick response to market signals, disruptions, and new opportunities.

Monetize Options: Evaluate multiple scenarios to understand the financial implications and determine the best path forward, allowing you to monetize your options and make informed decisions for growth and profitability.

Ask Firstshift the questions that matter:

  • How’s the inventory position across my North American network?
  • Which products are underperforming by more than 8%?
  • Are there any customer orders that surpass the current product forecast?
  • Will we meet our revenue plan based on current fiscal year performance?


Capture additional revenue


Increase forecast accuracy


Increase inventory turns


Decrease chargebacks


Gain efficiency with less effort

Supply Chain Planning as a Service (SCPaaS)

Unlock Your Supply Chain Potential with Firstshift’s SCPaaS

Accelerate your supply chain success with Firstshift’s Supply Chain Planning as a Service (SCPaas). Our innovative AI-based solution is designed to synchronize inventory costs and customer service goals, but we understand that your team may need additional expertise and bandwidth to achieve optimal results. We’ve solved that problem, too.

Expertise On-Demand: Tap into decades of experience from Firstshift’s trusted experts in demand planning, inventory management, supply planning, and Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) to accelerate adoption, reduce operational expenditures, and achieve a tangible return on investment.

Augment Your Team: In today’s tight labor market, recruiting and retaining high-demand supply chain planning experts can be challenging. Firstshift’s SCPaaS provides the flexibility to access skilled professionals who can seamlessly integrate with your team and help drive supply chain planning excellence.

Minimize Risk, Maximize Confidence: Let Firstshift’s SCPaaS drive your supply chain planning excellence and deliver the business outcomes you desire with less risk and greater confidence. Our combined software solution and expert planning resources enable you to get started faster and overcome labor market constraints.

Customer Impact

- Vice President, Growing Consumer Durable Goods Business

Firstshift plans faster, leverages better science, and produces a feasible supply chain plan with less effort, greater accuracy, and less risk. We just cannot grow our business profitably by planning in spreadsheets.”

- CIO of a Leading Food Company

We sought an innovative partner to streamline supply chain planning, better leverage data, explore automation opportunities, and complement SAP IBP.

- VP of Supply Chain, Consumer Company

Firstshift is a game-changer, enabling us to shorten the time spent on finding answers and allocating more time towards implementing strategies, executing optimal decisions, and delivering an exceptional customer experience.

A Better Planning Platform in the Cloud and at Your Fingertips

The Firstshift cloud platform is designed and managed by experts to help you harness the latest innovations and infuse new intelligence to accelerate your planning efforts. 

Actionable Insights

Leverage real-time data to drive smarter decisions with less risk.

Connect Your Enterprise

Integrate easily with leading ERP and CRM systems.

No Code

Rapid onboarding that boosts productivity and delivers a fast ROI.

Safe and Secure

Leading data security practices protect your confidential information.


Sense and respond faster to market changes and disruptions that impact demand and supply.


Grow with confidence as you access our platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google and Azure.


Regular updates and enhancements give you access to innovation and the latest technology.

Make the Smart Shift

Experience the transformative power of Firstshift's AI-powered supply chain planning platform. Supercharge your operations, eliminate stress, and drive impactful growth. Join the ranks of successful businesses that have made the smart shift. Contact us today for an exclusive demo and unlock the true potential of your supply chain.