AI-Driven Demand and Supply Chain Planning

Supply chain management just got better with Firstshift’s AI-powered, cloud-based demand planning software and supply planning platform that brings speed and agility to your business like never before.


Gain real time insights and accelerate decision making


Unlock profitable growth opportunities


Reduce supply chain risk and efficiently scale your business

The New Era of
Intelligent Supply Chain Planning

Firstshift uses real-time demand sensing to augment enterprise data and boost supply chain performance through the power of our AI-driven demand planning software recommendations. Anytime. Anywhere.


Capture additional revenue


Increase forecast accuracy


Increase inventory turns


Decrease chargebacks


Gain efficiency with less effort

Stop Risking Your Business on Spreadsheets

Struggling with too much of the wrong inventory to meet customer demand? Supply chain planning is more difficult than ever with today’s volatile global marketplace. If you’re still relying on outdated historical data, rigid solutions, and risky spreadsheets that force manual guesswork, it’s time to reimagine your digital supply chain. 

Customer Impact

- Vice President, Growing Consumer Durable Goods Business

Firstshift plans faster, leverages better science, and produces a feasible supply chain plan with less effort, greater accuracy, and less risk. We just cannot grow our business profitably by planning in spreadsheets.”

- CIO of a Leading Food Company

We sought an innovative partner to streamline supply chain planning, better leverage data, explore automation opportunities, and complement SAP IBP.

- VP of Supply Chain, Consumer Company

Firstshift is a game-changer, enabling us to shorten the time spent on finding answers and allocating more time towards implementing strategies, executing optimal decisions, and delivering an exceptional customer experience.

A Better Supply Chain Solution

Constant pressure to make decisions based on unknown variables and time-consuming models makes supply chain planning challenging. We’ve been there. That’s why we built a better solution that eliminates these hurdles and leverages the latest technology in AI and automation to give you speed, impact, and scalability.

Respond Faster

Better insights to demand and supply shifts and AI driven recommendations

Eliminate Errors

Leverage AI driven automation for more accurate planning activities

Unleash Your Team

Gain time and focus more on what matters to your bottom line

Harnessing the Power

A thriving supply chain leads to a successful business. Firstshift supports all the key players in making your supply chain unstoppable.

Supply Chain Leaders

AI capabilities help uncover insights from multiple data sources and quickly provide actionable feedback


With No Code capabilities in integration, workflows and dashboards we are able to compress the time to value


Our built-in AI and automation help accelerate planning and free up working capital