Demand Sensing

Sense Market Demand and Respond Faster with Firstshift’s Demand Sensing

Elevate Your Supply Chain Performance with AI-Driven Precision

Supply chain leaders face ever-growing challenges, from tight schedules to data limitations impacting decision-making speed and customer satisfaction. Firstshift Demand Sensing is  where intuition meets intelligence, reshaping channel performance, market response, and operational optimization.

What is Demand Sensing?

Predict customer demand with unparalleled accuracy. Unlike traditional methods relying on historical data, Firstshift’s Demand Sensing uses advanced AI algorithms to analyze channel-specific data, market signals, and consumer insights, sensing and responding to dynamic market shifts with less effort.

Confident Decision-Making

Accelerate Insights

Say goodbye to guesswork. Analyze external demand signals in real-time, providing the advantage of leading indicators to boost accuracy, reducing overstocks or stockouts risks and capturing additional revenue.

Predictive Analytics

Employs innovative predictive analytics to understand historical trends, seasonal variations, and emerging dynamics, empowering informed decisions and optimizing supply chain efficiency.

Machine Learning Precision

Our machine learning-driven system continuously refines predictions, ensuring accuracy over time and adapting to market changes.

Results Achieved by Firstshift Customers

Our customers experience remarkable results:


Capture additional revenue


Increase forecast accuracy


Increase inventory turns


Decrease chargebacks


Gain efficiency with less effort

Better Data Drives Better Results

Reduce Stockouts and Overstock

Strike the perfect balance for timely, efficient inventory.

Improved Sell-Through During Promotions

Maximizing ROI during promotional periods.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Proactively anticipate and meet customer demands, building loyalty.

Optimized Operational Efficiency

Streamline operations with accurate demand forecasts.