Demanding Planning

Predict, Sense, and Shape the Future 

Forecast Customer Needs, Sense Market Signals Faster, and Achieve a Consensus Demand Plan with Simplified Collaboration

When it comes to demand planning, Firstshift is your trusted partner. Leave the time-consuming work to us while you bring your business expertise to the table. Our platform leverages machine learning to select the best fit model from an expansive library of forecasting models. Forecasts can be generated at different levels of product, customer, and location hierarchies and aggregated and disaggregated for greater accuracy and important trend analysis. Say goodbye to risky spreadsheets and embrace a smarter way to plan.

With Firstshift, you can quickly analyze customer, channel, and product needs while considering demand variability, profit targets, and time-phased response. Harness the power of market signals and external influences alongside your corporate history to tap into the best sources for every item. Gain valuable insights in collaboration with sales, marketing, and product innovation to effectively plan for promotions, new product introductions, channel growth, and demand consensus.

Make the smart shift to Firstshift and experience the transformation in demand planning. Predict, sense, and shape the future with confidence. 

Make the Smart Shift

Experience the transformative power of Firstshift's AI-powered supply chain planning platform. Supercharge your operations, eliminate stress, and drive impactful growth. Join the ranks of successful businesses that have made the smart shift. Contact us today for an exclusive demo and unlock the true potential of your supply chain.

Customer Impact

- Vice President, Growing Consumer Durable Goods Business

Firstshift plans faster, leverages better science, and produces a feasible supply chain plan with less effort, greater accuracy, and less risk. We just cannot grow our business profitably by planning in spreadsheets.”

- CIO of a Leading Food Company

We sought an innovative partner to streamline supply chain planning, better leverage data, explore automation opportunities, and complement SAP IBP.

- VP of Supply Chain, Consumer Company

Firstshift is a game-changer, enabling us to shorten the time spent on finding answers and allocating more time towards implementing strategies, executing optimal decisions, and delivering an exceptional customer experience.