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How AI is Transforming the Digital Supply Chain

by | Aug 21, 2023

The role for any executive in transforming the digital supply chain planning world looks much different from the way it did 30 years ago, when leading companies like i2Technologies and Manugistics took hold of the software category, pioneering the widely adopted linear sequence of planning and execution. For years the model worked well under large-batch production and frozen schedules to serve a limited number of demand channels. But in 2023, it’s no longer a match for the evolution of digital commerce or the complexities of modern supply and demand networks.

Today, those forced to operate within the limitations of the traditional approach to supply chain management are no longer properly poised for success. As outdated processes, inflexible software, and risky spreadsheets create barriers, leaders are turning their attention to the emerging technology with the potential to reshape the industry: artificial intelligence. 

AI is transforming the digital supply chain — empowering leaders to address challenges more effectively, and to drive business forward using with better data and better decisions. Leading that transformation, Firstshift gives businesses the ability to better predict, sense, and respond to market conditions with AI-powered solutions. By gaining unprecedented insight into consumer demands and supply availability, our customers can forecast with superior accuracy, accelerate their planning cycles, and more efficiently mitigate risk. 

The future of supply chain software is here.

In today’s supply chain planning world, leaders need real-time data, enhanced visibility, and the automation capabilities of AI to ultimately drive better business outcomes and harness growth opportunities. Learn how you can be part of the transformation and revolutionize the supply chain operations for your business. 

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